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Focus Areas: Human Resources Operating Model

For most companies, the Human Resources function evolves out of necessity with the key decision-making information and authority spread out among several different departments and managers. Many companies grow into having complex Human Resources needs but cannot afford to hire a full-time Human Resources professional. Frequently, decisions and their implementation are left to individuals with neither the time, inclination nor the training to fully identify the core issues and implement an effective solution. Advice is frequently sought from labor attorneys but this perspective focuses on the legal answer after a problem is discovered, as opposed to implementing a practical solution to a situation prior to the problem developing.

At almost every company, the Human Resources function actually encompasses three levels of need with each level requiring a different amount of expertise.
High Tier of Unisource Services Inc's Focus Areas
Middle Tier of Unisource Services Inc's Focus Areas
Low Tier of Unisource Services Inc's Focus Areas

Strategic Expertise

Strategic Expertise is the knowledge companies need to deal with critical, long term issues, problems or opportunities that can be the difference between success and failure in their business model. For example, we can help you evaluate personnel for a potential merger or acquisition, help you develop and establish your company’s labor law strategy, develop career paths for your best workers, or help solve your toughest labor relations issues. Unisource Services, Inc. has been the voice of strategic Human Resources for organizations since 1988.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Due Diligence Support
    We offer the understanding of competitive industry landscapes, the customer market place, operations, financial aspects, business development, strategy, and business analysis that will allow your organization make key decisions for a profitable merger or acquisition. In our experience, the effectiveness and structure of the Human Resources function is an excellent and oft overlooked barometer of a potential acquisition’s success. We can effectively evaluate a potential acquisition’s culture, reporting relationships, management depth, labor relations strategy, HR systems and practices.
  • Post Merger Integration
    A detailed integration plan supported by senior management and those affected by change, is key to an effective merger or acquisition transition. Our strategic management support includes clear employee communication in relating the implementation procedures and the new corporate culture and environment; preventing alienation with those responsible for integration execution; and Implementation support of policies and systems.
  • Labor Relations for Unionized Organizations
    We are experts at developing and implementing strategies for dealing with your newly acquired unionized workforce.
  • Employee Terminations and Layoffs
    Coordinating employee terminations and layoffs are a necessary part of effective business operations. These sensitive actions must take into consideration various legal consequences along with the overall impact of morale on existing staff. Our approach is to coordinate employee transitions that positively affect company practices and minimize adverse repercussions.

Outplacement Services
Organizations are faced with outplacement needs as a result of downsizings, layoffs, mergers, acquisitions and plant closings. By providing tailored outplacement programs designed to meet the unique requirements of your company’s situation, we are able to help your former employees succeed in their career transition with minimal cost to the reorganization effort.


Our experience will guide you through negotiation and implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreements, non-competes, benefits contracts, and other employment related agreements.


The need for defined business strategies develops within every organization. We will work with your management team to create and implement Human Resource measures that will positively affect the success of your company as a whole. Such initiatives include:

  • Risk Management Assessments
  • Development of Corporate Culture
  • Performance Measurements
  • Decision Making Processes
  • Minimize Risks

Legal Services
We have long-term relationships with several major national law firms specializing in labor and employment law that are available to assist you with legal needs.


Organizational Structure
A well designed Organizational Structure is a necessary component of business growth. We will analyze your current organizational structure in order to make recommendations that will eliminate communication barriers and to place the correct personnel into the appropriate positions.



Professional Services

Professional Services are the non-strategic, repetitive or semi-repetitive day to day “blocking and tackling” of a traditional Human Resources department such as hiring, discipline, and policy administration. Many organizations develop needs or generate liability from this area of Human Resources without even knowing it. Frequently, needs in this area outpace the skill, knowledge, or inclination of management and problems develop. Unisource Services, Inc. can provide your organization value by providing a part-time, on-site HR professional with the knowledge and expertise to solve your problems and identify issues before they create liability.

Retaining valuable human capital can be a struggle is today’s competitive market. We will use a variety of methods to focus on developing career paths for those employees that match your organization’s needs.

  • Performance Evaluations
    Timely and detailed Performance Evaluations influence an organization’s ability to retain successful employees and develop career growth plans for emerging talent. Our method of Evaluation focuses on maximizing workforce skills and ensures that they are being applied to produce high performance results.
  • Incentive Plans
    In today’s competitive environment Incentive Plans can be utilized as a force that creates company loyalty and employee invested interest in profitable business operations. Once reserved for sales teams and executives, our Incentive Plans can be tailored to capitalize on performance abilities of every employee in all facets of your organization.
  • Succession Planning
    An employee growth strategy called succession planning allows us to identify, develop, and track key employees for executive positions. We will coach and coordinate training for these individuals to become valuable components of your management team.


Workers’ Compensation
The management of Workers' Compensation claims can be a time consuming process consisting of investigation, documentation and insurance filing. We will manage an on-the-job injury or accident by evaluating the policies and procedures established by the company, determining the legitimacy of the claim, overseeing the employee's medical treatment, and ultimately ensuring the resolution of the claim.



  • Sexual Harassment Investigations, Policies and Training
    Our development of a formal Sexual Harassment Training Program and Policy can be a key factor in promoting positive employee behavior and be essential in the event of a Sexual Harassment accusation. Successful internal programs can preclude an external investigation and can be used as an affirmative defense in the event of litigation.
  • Supervisor Training
    Direct supervisors are essentially a company’s most effective source of maintaining positive employee relations and high productivity. We can provide customized training that will allow your supervisors to maximize employee’s skills and abilities while gaining valuable knowledge in key resource management areas such as conflict resolution and safety compliance.
  • Diversity Training
    In our global economy and diverse workplaces, it is important to update training on developing diversity trends. We will customize valuable training sessions for all levels of your employee population that could someday save thousands of dollars in time and legal expenses during a harassment investigation.
  • Safety
    Safety is an integral part of every aspect of business operations. Often it is associated with manufacturing; however an accident resulting in a workers’ compensation claim can occur anywhere. In order to effectively handle safety issues, formal plans and federal compliance measures must be in place.

Benefit Plan Design
We can customize a benefit plan to match the specific needs of your organization. Whether you have 10 employees or 1000, we will utilize our relationships with vendors and brokers to obtain the most cost effective plans available in today’s market.

  • Retirement Plans
    Plans include 401K, 4013(B), Profit Sharing, and SEPs
  • Health Insurance
    We can design a variety of health plans including self insurance options and Health Savings Accounts that will fit the needs of your employee population. Health Savings Accounts are the new trend in healthcare that allows employees to utilize funds for medical expenses from a tax deferred account.
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Wellness Programs
    The growing trend to implement employee Wellness Programs has proved to be a successful proactive approach in decreasing healthcare costs. Our approach is to develop programs that align with the employee culture to promote active participation of a healthy physical and social lifestyle.

A positive and productive work environment can result from successful communication of a variety of human resource issues including policies and procedures , grievances, and benefit plans. We offer professional interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to all levels of personnel.


Wage Administration
Consistent and fair wage administration affects bottom line dollars and promotes employee retention. We offer a full life cycle wage administration process including coordinating employee reviews and analyzing wage history, employment trends and production growth to determine increases and employment offers. In addition, our extensive union experience allows us to affectively apply administration methods to contract negotiations


Policy Design
Establishing policy standards creates:

  • Affirmative Action Plans
    Affirmative Action Plans include procedures, methods, and programs for the identification, positive recruitment, training, and motivation of present and potential minority and female employees. Our plans successfully establish goals and timetables that maximize workforce potential while maintaining compliance with mandated regulations.
  • Policy and Procedure Review
    Policies and Procedures create an accountability that is vital to the effective management of any organization. Our goal is to review your existing Policies and Procedures and ensure that they accurately address all points of business operations. Written Policies and Procedures may save an organization from accusations of unfair practices and litigation, particularly from disgruntled employees.
  • Employee Handbooks
    A properly drafted Employee Handbook is an important management tool. Handbooks improve the efficiency and morale of employees by establishing guidelines for employee performance and providing information regarding employee benefits. They also reinforce decisions made by managers and supervisors, comply with legal requirements, and are consistent with your policies and procedures. We offer Employee Handbook review and creation that specifically outlines your organizational structure, employee policies and procedures, and ensures legal compliance.

Well developed Recruitment Processes secure the best employee for open positions and do not adversely affect daily business operations. Employee turnover can be one of the most costly aspects of human resource management in relation to time and money spent on recruitment and training. Our process involves streamlining selection to guarantee that an organization is gaining a qualified employee that will fit into your company’s culture.


Performance Measurement
Performance Measurement is a proactive approach to business management that allows the objective collection of data to evaluate your company’s activities against established organizational goals. We can determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations by applying measures that include:


Labor Relations
  • Maintaining a Union-Free Company
    Maintaining a union-free workforce requires planning and programs that educate about the facts of unionization, how to recognize signs that a union may be forming, and how unions affect employee relations. Preventive training and constant communication are proven methods to keep a work force union-free. Employers must actively take interest in employee issues before employees start looking for outside representation. Our vast experience in this area allows us to prepare a successful defense to unionization threats in any environment.
  • Facilitate Union Collective Bargaining Agreements and Negotiations
    The written practices of how your organization functions with a labor union are a vital part of business operations. Our goal is to obtain an Agreement that will allow you to retain the most flexible and competitive workforce possible.
  • Administer Union Grievances Procedures
    A grievance by an employee or group of employees about an alleged violation, misinterpretation, or unfair application within a union contract is typically handled through a formal Grievance Procedure. Companies that do not have experienced representatives can suffer loss of time and settlement dollars. Our goal is to obtain a fair and amicable resolution with a minimal amount of adverse affects on business operations. Ideally, we strive to establish programs to identify and resolve issues prior to grievances being filed.
  • Coordinate Union Layoffs and WARN Act Compliance
    If your business has more than 100 employees and is anticipating mass layoffs or a plant closing then compliance may be required under The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. Failure to comply with the WARN Act can result in months of back pay and benefits to former workers.


Administrative Support

Administrative Support Functions are non-strategic, repetitive task oriented processes that are generally handled through paper processes and manual data entry systems and/or outsourced to outside vendors. Payroll processing and COBRA compliance are common Administrative Support Functions. Unisource Services, Inc. can help streamline or evaluate the effectiveness of your Administrative Support functions to ensure your establishment is running efficiently and cost effectively.


Accurate administration of payroll is an essential part of successful human resource operations. We can manage your existing program or offer implementation of a program operated by our preferred vendor who has served thousands of clients in the past ten years. They have built a reputation with a variety of industries based upon secure and reliable process administration.


All company managers would like hiring to be a fast and efficient process that produces high quality recruits and low turnover. However, most organizations do not achieve this because they are using antiquated systems and poor planning methods. We develop innovative Hiring Strategies that proactively search and retain the best talent in your industry. Successful Strategies include:

  • Comprehensive Staffing Plans
  • Effective Employee Profiling Schemes
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Contingent and Retained Searches
  • Management Interview Training
  • Detailed Offer Plans
  • Employment Agreements
  • New Employee Orientation Programs


  • Benefit Plans
    Keeping your employees informed and up to date through group Benefit Plan orientations saves quality time and solves many communication issues.
  • New Hires
    Successful New Hire orientations will address your company’s culture, policies and procedures in a manner which increases employee retention. We offer detailed presentations that positively reinforce your organization’s employee handbook.


The legal obligations that accompany unemployment benefits must be managed in a time efficient manner to avoid state penalties. We will coordinate the appeals process for all terminated employees including court presentations.


Benefits Administration

Managing your benefits census accurately and complying with federal and state laws affects an organization’s bottom line. We will manage employee issues and identify healthcare trends. By coordinating your Benefit Renewal Process we work with major healthcare providers to obtain the most cost effective medical, dental and ancillary benefit coverage.

    Timely and efficient compliance with COBRA regulations can save your company thousands of dollars each month in unnecessary charges and fees. We guarantee accurate processing of notifications and complete management of records and payments.



  • EEO-1 Report Compliance
    The EEO-1 Report is a government form requiring employers with federal government contracts in excess of $50,000 or who have 50 or more employees and employers who do not have a federal government contract but have 100 or more employees to provide a count of their employees by job category and then by ethnicity, race and gender. The EEO-1 report must be submitted annually to both the EEOC and the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). Our goal is to provide accurate and timely compliance to avoid corporate punsishments including fines, imprisonment and court ordred filings by the U.S. District Court.


Organized management of personnel, medical benefit plan documents , investigations and grievances , safety training, workers compensation, and I-9 records not only makes it convenient to obtain essential employee information when needed, but also must follow Federal Privacy Law. We can provide:

  • Implementation of a Premier HRIS program
    Our preferred vendor has served thousands of clients in the past ten years. They have built a reputation with a variety of industries based upon secure and reliable process administration.
  • Administration of an existing HRIS program
  • Establishment of Personnel Files
  • Auditing of Personnel Files


Policy Administration
Consistent and fair administration of policies and procedures creates a productive employee environment. While enforcing due process of policies we will actively promote company culture and ethics.



Organizations of all sizes must comply with some aspects of Labor Laws that are mandated by local, state, and federal governments. Non-compliance with employment-related laws can result in severe fines, injunctions and extensive litigation. We can ensure that the laws that apply to your organization are being adhered to in addition to addressing specific issues as they arise.

Labor Regulation compliance that can affect your company may include:

  • FLSA
    The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal law that establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, record keeping and child labor standards. We will ensure compliance with all aspects of this law including coordination between payroll and the hiring process.
  • FMLA
    The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 guarantees unpaid medical leave for covered employees to care for themselves, their spouses, parents, and children. The Act applies to employers with 50 or more employees within a 75 mile radius and ensures that all workers are able to take extended leaves of absence and maintain their job status for up to 12 weeks. Documentation of the days and even hours that an employees takes under the Act is a cumbersome task that will cost an organization production time and money if not closely monitored. We will guarantee accurate adminstration of all legal aspects associated with federal compliance.
  • ADA
    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation. The regulation establishes minimum standards for ensuring accessibility when designing and constructing a new facility or altering an existing facility. We have experience with a range of ADA discrimination claims and legal disputes. Our expertise can save your company time and money when faced with ADA compliance accommodations.
  • Workplace Diversity
    Successful workplace diversity applies policies and practices that creates an equitable employment system for all employees. Our workforce has become more diverse due to increasing numbers of employee groups including women, the elderly, immigrants or people who speak other languages, minority religious and ethnic groups, sexual orientation, and unconventional family structures including single parent family homes. We will implement diversity tranining and enforce policies so that your company can maintain competitive in today’s global market.
  • Sexual Harassment
    Sexual Harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which applies to employers with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments, employment agencies, labor organizations, as well as to the Federal government. Our development of a formal Sexual Harassment Training Program and Policy can be a key factor in promoting positive employee behavior and be essential in the event of a Sexual Harassment accusation. Successful internal programs can preclude investigation and litigation by the EEOC, which can be a lengthy and expensive process.
  • Workers' Compensation
    Workers’ Compensation is a system where an employer must pay, or provide insurance to pay, the lost wages and medical expenses of an employee who is injured on the job. Workers' Compensation laws are governed by different regulations in every state and can include cash or wage-loss benefits, medical and career rehabilitation benefits, and in the case of accidental death of an employee, benefits to dependents. The goal of Workers' Compensation is to return the injured employee quickly and economically to the status of productive worker without negatively affecting the employer's business. We will aim to resolve claims through administrative processes before it reaches the judicial system.